Epic Beard Man is forced to come out of hiding and reveals his true power


promo poster of the film inspired by Bruso's actions

Thomas Bruso is the guardian of public transportation systems defending the public from crooks and cronies who prey on the weak. He is mostly known to be seen wearing a light blue t-shirt with the phrase "I AM a motherfucker" on the back (quite true I might add), cargo shorts, fanny pack, black baseball hat and most recognizably his crisp white beard.

The StoryEdit

One quiet morning on a regular AC Transit Bus heading to parts unknown two men would meet and history would be made. 

Tom sat at the back of the bus enjoying the ride when he misheard an african-american man say "spit-shine your shoes". Having to attend a funeral next week for the death of a loved one Tom took advantage of this conveinance and asked what the black man would be charging. The black mans name would later be revealed to be Micheal. Micheal initially was offended by this and chose to be dumbfounded at Toms question and made remarks to Tom about being a racist and all that stupid shit. Tom tried to say that he simply misheard the man and that anyone can shine his shoes if they want but Micheal wouldnt give up. Tom was then fed up with trying to free himself from this mess and went to the front with both oif them shouting remarks to eachother. 

Micheal then had enough of this fool and got up to the front of the bus. More remarks were made when foolis ole Mike took a swing at Tom. His first mistake as Tom may have been elderly but that did not stop him from totlly fucking Micheal up. He hit him once, a second time, a THIRD time! untill Mike was left bleeding all over the seat and calling for people to "bring the amperlamps!". Tom saw his stop and got off the bus leaving Micheal with the phrase "I told you not to fuck with me". Despite numurous obvious warning made by Tom like his remark that Tom told him he slapped guys like Micheal around before and quite simply his shirt read plainly that Tom was "a Motherfucker". 


Tom was met with great praise much like Casey Heynes and even inspired a movie starring Danny Trejo entitled "Badass" but the movie cant express the true badssery that went on that bus. 

Tom was the interveiwed many times and even filmed for a documentary called "I am a Motherfucker". 

Tom now resides in his home at Oakland, California enjoying how much of a badass he really is. 


  • Epic Beard Man
  • Tom Slick
  • Veitnam Tom