Bully gets owned

Bully gets owned

Demonstrating the meaning of his name by removing scum off his property

Bald Banisher is a average looking kid with no hair who was confronted on his own doorstep by n asian kid for slamming somebody named "Jesse" into a locker. The truth of the story is unknown. 

The StoryEdit

Earlier on in the day The Banisher threw someondy called Jesse into a locker. Upon finding out one of Jesse's freinds confronted The banisher on his doorstep which in opinion is genrally bad idea. The asian man says to fight him becuase he fucked with Jesse but the Banisher simply says he doesnt want to fight and he "wants to be freinds with everybody". He tried to say that Jesse is his freind and that they were just playing around but the asian guy doesnt buy it. Eventually The Banisher says that the asian man is just jelly of Jesse for beating him and hes trying to "redeem himself for getting beat by Jesse". The asian man is then set off and topples The Banisher on the ground. The banisher quickly gains the upper hand and gets the asian guy into a headlock and says to give up. When the asian man thrown more punches the Banisher must demonstrate his awesome power and delivers punch after punch to the asian kids head. He then shows mercy on the poor asian guy and lets him go and says that its done. 

The Banisher then states that he is peaceful and wants to be freinds with anyone and that the fight didnt have to happen.


It is assumed that The Bald Banisher lives out his days in his home scraping bully scum off his front porch and making more freinds than Mark Zuckerberg.


  • The Bald Banisher or just "The Banisher"

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • Reflective head able to blind enemies
  • Shows sympathy towards people
  • Freindship factor