Oğlum bak git )))) İzle kop )))) (With English Translation)

Oğlum bak git )))) İzle kop )))) (With English Translation)

Selcuk utters his famous warning.

Selcuk, quite simply, is a street cleaner who now is credited with cleaning the streets of not dirt...but crime. His most feared weapon is the almighty broom he carries with him at all times. 

The StoryEdit

Selcuk was regularly cleaning his local street when just the day before he calmly wanred a bystander to remove himself from the premise as it was his designation for cleaning and the boy was in his way. The boy took offense, dumbass that he is, and immedialty went home the day following to tell his brother of the incident. Like a bitch.

The boys brother went searching for Selcuk the next day with his freind at the ready with a camera. Little did he know he was approaching The Savior of Turkey. The boy's brother quite stupidly pulls out his belt becuase his pants are way too damn big for him and slams it agianst the ground with the intent of inflicting fear into Selcuk. But Selcuk stands his ground warning the boy in his native toungue to "oglum bak git" which is Turkish for "go away". The Brother does not seem to want to quit and further slams his belt on the ground. Selcuk has had enough and wants to get back to making the street looking good for the days commuters. He tried to walk away but The Brother follows him clearly not taking into account how stupid he really is by following Selcuk.  He swing the belt threatneningly at Selcuk who finally has had it with this follish boy and takes out his mighty Broom of Scourgery and delivers a blow to The Brother who screams like a massive bitch and runs away but not before getting another blow from the broom. 


Following the incident Selcuk was arrested for harming the boy. As always the police have no consent for heroes. But with support from the public Selcuk was released. Becuase no structure made by man can contain this Turkish Warrior.

A film was released in Turkey loosely based around the incident.

It is unknown whether or not Selcuk still cleans the streets to this day but some say they see him quietly watching, not cleaning, the streets of his neighborhood. 


  • Oglum Bak Git Man

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • He feels no fear
  • Almighty Broom of Scourgery