One Pound Fish - £1 Fish Man - O-Fish-Al Video

One Pound Fish - £1 Fish Man - O-Fish-Al Video

The famed fish song we all know and love


THE ORIGINAL... One 1 Pound Fish, Queens Market, Upton Park, London E13

From humble beginnings...

From the lowly days of selling good fish at insanely low prices this man was shot to stardome for singing about his fish and eventually creating an actual song out of it. 

The StoryEdit

Muhummad Nazir was born in Pakistan but had to move to support his family in London, England by selling his fish. Growing up in a rather musical house he felt insecure about shouting to customers to buy his fish so instead he started to sing about it instead. Bystanders found this quite amusing and decided to film him singing about his fish. It took a while to catch on being that the videos were shot as early as April, 2012 but eventually he found fame from his song. A proffessional recording studio approached Nazir and asked if he was interested in doing an actual song. he agreed. Thus spawned One Pound Fish which reached 24th on the National UK Hit 100. he was so popular that he even rivalled tht of Psy the creator of such Gangnam Style. 


Quite sadly Muhummads fame did him some wrong as Government officials looked into his background and found he was illegally in London so they deported him the dirtbags!

Nonetheless Muhummad didnt mind becuase he already found fortune from his fame and was able to support his family otherwise. He is currently working on other songs.


  • One Pound Fish Man
  • O-Fish-Al

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • Able to sumon fish from anywhere at any time
  • Negotiative business skills
  • Golden Voice