The Hanus

It is unknown if the photo is faked or a real depiction of Casey

Victim Fights Back In NSW Sydney School 'Casey'

Victim Fights Back In NSW Sydney School 'Casey'

It took Casey a mere 42 seconds to be done with The Rat

I would fuck this guy 100%

Goons surrounded Casey looking to humliaite him further by filming the scene and posting it on the internet. Little did they know they weren't dealing with no normal human being.

Richard steps up to Casey, literally, becuase hes so fucking puny. Casey stands still like a statue monumenting epicness throughout time to come while Richard goes over how he will "try" to humiliate Casey. He starts by landing a punch to Casey's face. A firm blow...but a weak one at that for Casey Heynes does not know pain and stands firm. Richard masks the fear that befalls him quite well at the fact that Casey did not go down with one hit. Surely a second will do? No. This time Casey moves his hands at speeds not yet acheived by mere mortal men and deflects the punch away. Richard, agian, amazingly hides his fear that this is no normal fat kid at school he can just punch. To play off the terror Richard now is filled with he makes fake punches to Casey and dances around him. The Giant is now growing weary of this pathetic attempt of bullying. Richard then goes for Caseys stomach, a poor chioce since most of Casey's stomach has been scientificly proven to consist of steel and daimond. Richard goes for a second punch and another untill Casey has simply had enough of the entire pitiful attempts of inflicting pain on him and decides to simply pick Richard up. Using his giant arms he takes in the sweet smell of fear currently pouring from Richard and then...slams the puny human to the ground. A force so great that it was then manifested into an earthquak in Japan. Richard was lucky that Casey was in a good mood today since he walked away with only a bruised knee and scraped arm.

Casey then decided his job is done and tries to walk away but not before one of Richard goons crawls up toward Casey as if to intimidate him. Casey just stares back into the kids soul and paralyzes him with fear. Then, as all great heroes do, Casey walks off.


Casey was met with great praise from bully victims around the world and even got a chance to be interveiwed by his local news station. 

Eventually Casey met with Canadian pop singer Justin Beiber and preformed with him on stage.

A Casey Heynes action figure is in the works but the release date is still unknown. 

Richard Gale was never heard of again...


  • Zangeif Kid: A video game charactor from the game "Street Fighter" who has a move similar to what Casey did to Richard
  • The Punisher
  • The Beast

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • Immense strength
  • paralyzing stare
  • pain resistance