Bully knocked into a seizure (video)

Bully knocked into a seizure (video)

We need not to know his name but his amazing skills!

All he wanted to do was ride his bike and ejoy the day untill a kid decided to interrupt that.

The StoryEdit

Information escapes me but that coul;d be for the better since Biker Boy doesnt want his real identity known at the time due to his heroism. Biker Boy was doing what all kids love to do on a nice day, riding his bike. Until some asshole decided he wouldnt have that. The Hooded individual gathered what he would call his "freinds" which included a goofy looking white kid and some other girl. Anyways Biker Boy eventually agreed to fight The Hood but first handed his cell phone to his freind so it wouldnt be damaged. he would be neding it to call the amperlamps for his opponet in a mere half a second. Fist go flying with Biker Boy dogding half of them but taking the other half increasingly well finally Biekr Boy lands his final blow to his opponet and sets him to the ground where he belongs. The Goofy Looking White Kid tried to pick up his "freind" and failed becuase The Hood was in shock of his defeat and dazed at the immens blow Biker threw to him. Another freind tries to pick him up but the video ends and he is still on the ground.


There is little known on the video but it is assumed that The Hood eventually got up and left the area and went home to cry to his mom. Biker Boy is now seen everynow and then riding his bike through his neighborhood and defending people from ruthless thugs like The Hood. 


  • Biker Boy

Powers and AttributesEdit

  • His trusty Bike which he rides at all times being watchful for thugs
  • Cell phone for calling the amperlamps of his opponets
  • Gloves for protecting his hands and doubling his punch power